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NEW JOURNAL [04 Sep 2005|04:22am]
I GOT A NEW JOURNAL. it's friend's only.


leave a commentttt here if you'd like to be added. :)

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[24 Aug 2005|12:56pm]
[mood| lethargic]
[music| fiona apple - parting gift]

got the cell phone. downloaded 2 ringtones, haha. "are you in" by incubus & "the first single" by the format. lindsey leaves for college tomorrow. jess & siobhann leave saturday. :(

had a good weekend for the most part. friday, mel had a going away party for lindsey, it was small & good. saturday, siobhann & i went to tad's graduation/birthday party after buying him chessmen cookies & after going to the craft fair in essex where i bought pretty earrings. they had a water balloon fight, relay race, pinata, all that fun stuff, haha.

afterwards, siobhann & i went to my house to get clothes, then met up with fu-fay & dave in east hampton so they could drive us to east hartford where there was a small party. siobhann & i suck at beer pong, but we're awesome at playing drinking uno, haha. i got $120 stolen that night, bah. & i owe people like $75 total.

sunday was bennie's picnic but i felt like shit. bill called & invited me to watch a movie with him & karen. we watched chicago.

monday, siobhann & i went up to mark & rich's new apartment in new britain. we watched a bunch of movies, played drinking uno (haha doing shots of beer?), made annie's, & ate alfredo, yummmm. we went for a walk around 1am & there was a girl screaming at a guy not to touch her & it was so scary.

yesterday, my mom, sister, siobhann, & i went on a tour of central connecticut state university. i liked it a lot. we had nice tour guides.

we came back, made mac & cheese, watched tv, & waited for lindsey to call us. ended up at paperback. then jess, mel, lindsey, siobhann, & i went to hippie mike's & smoked. i'm a little retarded when it comes to bongs, haha.

i made siobhann drive mel home, & then she drove us to denny's & we had cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, & cheesecake. amazingness.

chester fair this weekendddddd.

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[21 Aug 2005|02:58pm]
[mood| groggy]
[music| the format - wild world (cat stevens cover)]

Have you ___________ this summer? SURVEY!!

been to a party?: yeah

spent the night with a friend?: plenty

laughed until your stomach hurt?: of course

gone on a vacation?: no, sadly

tanned?: tried

gone to a camp?: naw

swam?: yeah, not enough

went to the movies?: yup

went shopping?: yeah, i like my new clothes, just bought earrings yesterday

are you even out of school?: i go back on the 6th, boo

have you gotten freakishly bored?: i think so

have you gotten sunburned?: yeah, sucks

gotten drunk?: haha...

made a bonfire?: i helped a few times

been outside during a lightning storm?: yess so scary

been to any other state?: i hope so, i don't know

been to the the hospital with an injury?: no, someone i know did though and i went to see him

stolen anything?: haha sort of, just that captain morgan

had sex?: just with your mom

had a b/f, or g/f?: no

went camping? nope

got stoned?: well i smoked a few times

was out past curfew?: yeah, when i was grounded already

went skinny dipping?: haha no! although i was being pressured

made out with someone?: haha who's gonna believe me if i say no

gone dancing?: aww, no

drank so much you threw up?: unfortunately

done something you regret?: a lot, but i don't want to dwell on it

f i r s t s

First best friend: allie j
First car: um, i drive my mom's :P
First kiss: 7th grade
First screen name: no clueee, i had one that was lilmissy336
First funeral: my uncle's
First album: ace of base
First pets: fish? cat?
First piercing/tattoo: ears in 4th grade
First big trip: florida back in junior high
First time skiing: never
First concert: hanson? alan jackson?
First alcoholic drink: smirnoff ice i think
First ticket violation: haha i got a warning that was "failure to maintain lane"
First job: cashier at bennie's
First date: haha phil brought me ice skating in elementary school

l a s t s

Last cigarette: never
Last car ride: driving siobhann home
Last kiss: ha fu-fay
Last time you cried: when dan left
Last movie watched: water world?
Last beverage drank: water
Last food you ate: bagel with cream cheese
Last crush: dan
Last love: matt
Last time showered: yesterday afternoon
Last temptation: i don't know
Last item bought: gas
Last annoyance: my stomach ache
Last time wanting to die: long time ago, i was stupid
Last shirt worn: i'm wearing a navy blue one
Last alcoholic drink: beer and jager last night
Last concert: kevin devine
Last phone call: mel
Last time at the beach: like a week ago
Last crazy thing you've done: went to east hartford last night? haha

real update laterrrr.

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[16 Aug 2005|02:30am]
[mood| sore]
[music| death cab - crooked teeth]

NEWS FLASH: I'M GETTING A CELL PHONE TOMORROW! i'm joining my dad's family plan with cingular.

video shoot was silly & overly hot. saw nicole<3, she's adorable. saw chris braumann, awesome kid.

don't even remember what i did this week..

pumped my own gas (yay), went to my dad's for a little bit, bought the new dane cook CD/DVD (hilarious), watched it with amanda, went to new haven with john & dan<3, he came over afterwards, i missed that boy. drove to meriden with amanda & bethany! we ate food. went bowling saturday night with her & kevin, the keyboarder from pullout method. good times.

i am VERY mad at jenny owen youngs for not showing up for the show that we drove almost 2 hours in shitty traffic to see. supposedly, she was sick. we (mark, siobhann, megan, & her brother) were waiting at a pricy cafe with weird people for 2 hours. god damn. & there was scary lightning. but we got wendy's.

SIOBHANN & MARK ARE MY LOVERS, haha. they spent the night. we watched the little mermaid. yeah, that's right. oh, & some dane cook.

today, i went to the doctor's for a physical, got a tetanus shot. :( sore arm. came home, showered, went to bill's, played vice city, had pizza with him & karen, watched water world (hahaha).

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[07 Aug 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | blah ]

work on wednesday kinda sucked. got out late. went to paperback at 8:30 to meet up with dan & he gets there late, & then almost immediately leaves for a sketchy drug deal in deep river, comes back after a long ass time, & leaves for john's to get high. yeah, i waited like 2 hours to see him for 5 minutes. that pissed me off.

hung out with mike thursday, we went to the middlesex hospital thrift store in old saybrook but didn't find anything we wanted. we were both exhausted so he brought me home, haha. we ended up following josh here.

mark came. i picked out clothes for him. i bought the sandals mel has which are brown with turqoise polka dots from aeropostale, & i bought this sweatshirt in white. we had delicious cheese fries & an amazing smoothie that had strawberries, bananas, & rasberries in it. yumm.

came back & picked up mel, went to meet the parents & kids i was going to babysit, they talked forever & mark had to wait in the car :(. went & bought 2 sixpacks of smirnoff ice, went to my house to talk to my mom, change clothes, etc. went to mel's, tried to start the fire, started drinking. turner came & left. eventually, it was sean cronin, ryan macowski (totally spelled that wrong), adam, josh, mark, keith, siobhann, brandon, mark, & me. brandon let me finish off his jager. yum<3

siobhann dropped me off in the morning, & i slept then went to work & had yummy mac & cheese, haha. siobhann picked up tad & came here & then siobhann drove to kevin devine. we mostly sat on the couches & did watch the bands but amanda's a cripple, haha. i have silly pictures. bought the new kevin devine CD & love it. tad bought the old one & forgot it in my purse so i have that one on my computer. so good.

went to taco bell/pizza hut after but the pizza hut side was closed & siobhann & tad got upset, haha. they wouldn't let amanda inside to pee.

yesterday, i went to paperback to see dan, had a bagel with cream cheeeese, hung out with lovely john chef who's growing his hair long for his brother's wedding, haha. went to work, found out that they put jonas on the schedule instead without telling me. haha so i had the day off & nothing to do. & i did nothing, haha. came back to paperback later to see dan for like 15 minutes, then went to babysit.

the girls were really good. we watched scooby doo twice & lily played with a million toys. i had to drag her to the bathroom twice so she didn't wet herself, haha. we ate raisins & i read lily a bunch of books.

the parents were supposed to be home at 11, they came home at midnight. they were tipsy & thought it was like 9:30, haha. i got $40 so that was sweet. then we talked about how much bush sucks for like half an hour. after that, i left for justine's friend grace's party in killingworth. took me FOREVER to find the house because i forgot the address, haha. go me.

colin & austin of the flamingos were there. & there was jungle juice, captain morgan i stole, a mirror smashed by a fist, drunken swimming, sauna warmth, bathrobe, the required making out, puking red, video games, gorgeous sunrise, etc. awesome.

drove justine & some kid named kyle home. came here & crashed until 2 when some kid called & woke me up. he said he was at the party & his name was rambo? i didn't give anyone my number. went back to sleep until 4ish. i'm still not dressed.

tomorrow - bring bill home from work? haha his new car just died
no idea what the rest of my plans are for the week. but i get paid wednesday AND friday.

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[03 Aug 2005|02:24am]
[ mood | happy ]

good day, i'd say.

work was actually fun. i was kinda sweaty though. gross. my cousin daniel came in for a minute though! that was cool. & my dad came as sam & i were taking out the garbage & he helped us, heh.

talked to siobhann who i missssss.

went to mel's, tried to help her cheer up michael because brett left. he bought us smirnoff ice. then she & i went to paperback. dan & john were there. i was really happy to see dan. kissed him a million times, haha.

tomorrow, i work, then i might go see mel at bennies, & then john invited me to bring marvin to new haven with him & possibly dan.

thursday - i'm hanging out with mike sansevero, then hanging out with mark from danbury. sweet. mark & i are going shopping.

friday, i'm working then going to kevin devine!

saturday - work at bennies with ERIN! then possibly babysitting?

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[02 Aug 2005|12:34pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

i forgot to post my schedule for next year. i'm changing some things but this is what it is now.

quarter 1
block 1 - portfolio development; with mrs. kangley
block 2 - english 12; with mrs. meehan
block 3 - advanced topics math; with mr. ewan
block 4 - intro photography; with mr. lequire

quarter 2
block 1 - study hall!
block 2 - english still
block 3 - adv. topics still
block 4 - sociology; with mrs. dickson

quarter 3
block 1 - contemporary issues; with mr. pote! (required senior class)
block 2 - gym; with ms. mislick
block 3 - personal finance; with mrs. manos
block 4 - study hallllll!

quarter 4
block 1 - C.I. still
block 2 - study hall
block 3 - sculpture; with mr. kropiwnicki
block 4 - clothing; with mrs. chapman

well, i don't really like mrs. meehan. or mr. lequire. or mr. kropiwnicki. so, maybe i can get a different english teacher, not take photography or sculpture, & take advanced health (with awesome mr. purdy) & another class. we'll see. also block 2 study hall quarter 4? eff that. & why don't i have a study hall first quarter?


also, dan's coming back today & STAYING until sunday night. that makes me quite happy. he can sleep here. ;)

tad is coming to see kevin devine with me on friday! i don't know if mel is still coming. i hope so.

if anyone wants to hang out, i work until 5:30 today, wednesday, & friday. then until 6:30 at bennies on saturday.

love you guys. :)

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i smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine. [31 Jul 2005|06:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

work on thursday was a bitch. some kids ran around & knocked over a jar of tomato sauce & it spilled all over the aisle. alex & i played rock, paper, scissors to see who had to clean it up & of course i lost. fuck you PAPER. haha. & fuck tomato sauce. gross. mel & i went to walmart & bought beer can holders, haha. two for a dollar.

friday, i slept in reaaaal late. then i went to paperback & hung out with dan while he worked. then i came home, had a delicious chicken caesar salad then went to rachel's for a little bonfire. there were kids in the field nearby making fun of kenny because he's gay. then they made fun of lindsey because she's a hippie. i really don't like HK kids at all.

lindsey followed me to paperback afterwards & i got to see dan & john. then we went to dunkin donuts & the poor guy got my order wrong. but it wasn't really his fault. then we raced on the highway, haha.

saturdayyyy i went & saw dan at work for like 2 seconds, sat with john, then picked up mike at the ferry, & went to alicia's graduation party. there was food, swimming in the disgusting CT river, shower party, tap out (a ska band) played, ice creammmm.

i went to the paperback not knowing if dan would be there, but i wanted to see john & tracy. i said to tracy, "i thought maybe dan would be here but he's probably sleeping or packing" & she was like "he is here, he's in the back, i'll go get him for you" haha. so that worked out. i walked her to her car so she could ignore john sharp. YES. haha.

i didn't sleep at all last night. i got really emo about dan & cried, that didn't help me sleep either.

got up at 5:45, worked at 7 until 1:30. DJ went & got high, haha! we were so braindead, it was ridiculous. he's the coolest kid though.

after work, i dropped DJ at his apartment, then went to saybrook because i promised dan & tracy i'd stop by. it was really busy & some newer girl made me a smoothie which i fully enjoyed. i got a kiss from dan & he told me to call him later.

he leaves tomorrow.

someone call me & make plans with me so i don't mop around all day? haha

i start my job at seaflour bakery on tuesday! :)

friday is kevin devineeee!

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[27 Jul 2005|02:41am]
[ mood | content ]

worked then drove by paperback to give dan his favorite candy that i stole for him from bennies but i didn't see him or his car, so i went to the warehouse. nick from look west is the fucking coolest. he only made me pay $5 to get in, gave me a 21 & older wrist band, & gave me a token for a free beer. haha be cool & vote for his band on MTV2's gameriot battle of the bands here. kenny showed up & i hung out with him, bethany, & rachel. jon & fu-fay were there tooo. jon, kenny, & i left like after half an hour to go to stephie's party but stopped to get gas & whiskey mix first.

there was a crazy moth. (it liked reid.) i had two shots of jager. i kicked ass at beer pong. i funneled a beer. i fell asleep at 4am sitting up. then jon & reid or reid & bill tried to put beer in my mouth, haha douchebags.

got home at 10, lindsey picked me up at 11. i was hungover until 3ish.. BUT big summer classic was fucking awesome. so many people dancing & just the best vibe ever. <33 i got my face painted.

mark invited me to come to new milford for a party at his friend's so we met up at the west farms mall & i went back with him. he bought me a 6 pack of green apple smirnoff & i love him dearly for it. i had 5 of them, but ricky took one of mine, haha.

more beer pong, boondock saints (awesome movie), tons of nachos & barbequed food, midnight stroll, pitch black sucks but vin diesel is hot.

sometimes i just can't sleep, thinking of everything we could've been.Collapse )

we watched the life aquatic (i fell asleep), drove to JFK airport to drop their friend cory from oregon off, went to dairy queen, they dropped me off, i went to paperback hoping to see dan (no luck), but hung out with ashley, tracy, evan, jimmy, etc. then lindsey & mel showed up for a bit. good night. :) my toe ended up under evan's chair at some point though & that SUCKED. ow.

tomorrow - work then ?
thursday - work then ?
friday - CT fest in cromwell?
saturday - alicia's graduation party
sunday - WORK 7-1:30 EWWWWWW

p.s. i wonder if that 1AM call will make you realize that i really miss you.

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[23 Jul 2005|03:05am]
[ mood | emo ]

so you're leaving for months at a time, i help you out the door; once you're gone i just stare out the window.. please, could you please come back home?

well, this day turned out interesting.

my friend mike from lyme ended up calling me at 2 & i was still in bed. he had no plans for the day & neither did i so we decided to meet up around 4. then i showered & brought amanda to her work so she could get her paycheck & jess (from seaflour) gave me this cherry cheesecake thing. it was amazing. afterwards, my mom & i went to the bank so i could get money out for BIG SUMMER CLASSIC ON SUNDAY!!!!!! sweet. then i went to the ferry in chester to meet mike because lyme is on the other side of the river.

he came off the ferry with no shirt on & man is he gorgeous, hah. anyways, we went back to my house, he met my mom & sister, & we listened to music then jumped on my trampoline, haha. then i brought him to bennie's to meet mel & she decided we were hanging out with her after she got out, haha.

so then we went to see megan<33 at guppies to puppies, that was cute. i touched a horny toad, haha.

thennn we went to paperback so i could get a smoothie. evan, dan, chris goff, & john chef were there. evan is planning on kicking someone's ass, i won't say who though, haha.

ummm dan is cuteee haha. we sat with him & mike bought some pie from him, haha. or as mike says, "used bicycle parts". then they left for ikea & we went to pick up mel. then we went the parking lot of the park they're building in essex, & they smoked, then we went to walmart so she could get a phone card & we bought ice & a styrofoam cooler for her beer, haha. we just didn't have anywhere to drink it because her cousins were at her house.

we came back to my house & tried to find any parties but it didn't work well, haha. so then we decided to go to pizza hut (i think they smoked more on the way there, haha) & sam sweet came for a little bit. then we went to blockbuster & i rented crazy/beautiful & then we went back to paperback so mel could get a coffee & evan sang "whipping post". it was crazy. dan was there again.. haha. emo ryan too. same kids as always but i love them.

jimmy finally came & i was happy because i hadn't seen him in a few days. we ended up going to the beach & we dragged jimmy with us, haha. then we had to drop mike off in old lyme, so we did that. they played pididdle on the way. & i drove like to east lyme, & then jimmy had to pee so he did somewhere, haha. then i called my mom & asked if i could stay out later & she said yes, so we drove towards my house & then eddie called & said he was in chester with some kids so we went there & it was BORING so we went BACK to saybrook & went to the train station.

while in the train station elevator (haha not my idea), a state cop pulled up to my car & looked in it & sat next to it for awhile. then went to another car & did the same thing. jimmy watched the cop & never saw him fully leave the area so we came back to the car when he was out of sight & mel dumped her beers there & jimmy drove (since i STILL can't legally drive people). we went back to his house & watched stella & then i brought mel home & here i ammm.

p.s. at some point, we went to mcdonalds & got water. mel also got a cinnamon roll which i got all over my shirt somehow, haha.

p.p.s. at the beach, mel goes, "i'm gonna have to pick your heart up off the floor when dan leaves." i'm such a girl, haha.

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[22 Jul 2005|04:20am]
[ mood | flirty ]

tonight, i want nothing but you.Collapse )

today was lovely, aside from finding out that dan is leaving 2 weeks earlier than planned. it's his roommate's fault, haha. anyways, i woke up & had lunch with bill at a park. then he showed me this car he wants me to buy, but it's a ford bronco, haha. anyone want one? it's only $500, lol.

after lunch, i finally went to my planned parenthood appointment & everything is super-duper, hahah.

then i came home & made annies :) then matt came over & we watched constantine. he left & i went to blockbuster & dropped off movies {REMINDER TO SELF: RENT CRAZY / BEAUTIFUL.} then i went to paperback & talked to tracy who i hadn't spoken much to ever until tonight, haha. our conversation was about john sharp. silly stuff. evan was strange as usual, & i saw emo ryan for like 5 minutes. dan eventually showed up & john chef called him "kan dennedy". he went to john's to "eat pie" hah, & i called him at 11:45 after my nose decided to bleed, haha. then i gave him to directions to my house & he forgot them, but he found it eventually.

he had no idea what was going on for like two hours, haha. we watched TV & it was hilarious because he kept doing his stoner laugh. :)

tomorrow - not sure what my plans are, haha
saturday - work, then warehouse show or stephie's.. either way i'm partying


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[18 Jul 2005|05:27am]
[ mood | groggy ]

so i didn't go to the consignment shop or to the movies. instead, i went to the paperback & hung out with kids until everyone left at 11 besides dan & john. they had to bring marvin the dishwasher to new haven to see his girlfriend & i decided to come along for the ride. on the way home, i got my first kiss from dan. plus a few more. :) i guess you guys didn't know i liked him. haha well now you do.

i made him come see me at work on thursday before i left for massachusetts. {siobhann left for her roadtrip & lindsey, jess, kenny, & i went up to see her while she stayed at her aunt's alone.} it was fun in MA, i didn't very drunk or anything. lindsey puked a lot. poor girl, haha. then i got some weird pain in my arm that didn't away until yesterday.

friday, i went to amanda's work {seaflour bakery} to get her paycheck so my mom could cash it before the bank closed, & since amanda is getting foot surgery in 3 hours, i'm going to be replacing her while she's gone because she won't be able to walk for awhile. SO I CALLED LORI & GAVE MY TWO WEEKS NOTICE!!!! that night, lindsey, mel, dan, & i went to see willy wonka. what a trippy movie. i loved it though. johnny depp is goooorgeous, haha.

saturday, i went & had breakfast at paperback because dan was working & it was yummy. bagel & cream cheese, :D. then i went to work & got a note from dave, my boss, that said "Abby, I'm sorry to hear that you gave your two weeks notice. You know, if you want to stay you can work as little as one day a week... Think about it. David" hahaha so i might do saturdays & that would be an extra $120 a month. i'm going to look into getting a cellphone after this next paycheck, definitely. after work, mel & i went to see TFT & flamingos. so much love to them. we met some funny guys from the band the planning fallacy. one of them called mel 'sweet cheeks'.

sunday, my mom cut my hair, i went to mel's & picked up her & her friend hannah & we went to paperback & hung out with john chef, dan, jimmy, etc. then went to mel's close friend brett's going away party which was a little weird because everyone was much older. around 10:30, two of the dogs got into a fight & brett got bit badly & had to be rushed to the clinic. we went & visited him around 11:30 & then hadn't given him painkillers or anything. it was such a gross bite. his veins are all fucked up. :( he gets hurt at his own party. sucks.

today, my mom is taking the car to bring my sister to get her surgery. i'm praying it goes well. i got x-rays awhile ago for the same thing, but i decided not to get it now because i don't want to be at home all summer. i <3 driving, haha. anyways, after they get home, i'll probably see dan & maybe hang out with keith?

anyways, here are random pictures. i love you guys. <3

the beauty in every inch.Collapse )

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[12 Jul 2005|11:16am]
[ mood | calm ]

okay so apparently i'm working wednesday, thursday, & saturday. saturday, i have to come in at 11 but i'm working with erin! <3

paperback was kinda funny, i get there & sam & eryn are trying to figure out how to turn of the car alarm on sam's car & all the kids in the parking lot applauded when she finally did. douchebags. she was so embarassed. the usual kids were there: john chef, john sharp, dan, nandall, etc. but jimmy hayes was there on someone's scooter thing & wanted to take me for a ride. that was funny.

yesterday, i was supposed to go to P.P. but got my period (oops, who wanted to hear that?) so i didn't, i had mark come over at 3 & we got ice cream with amanda & then watched tv until mel called. she did & we went to the paperback which was empty so we went mini-golfing & actually passed emo ryan while him & mel were texting each other. mel & ryan walked & talked, while i kicked mark's ass at minigolf. it was hotter than a bitchhhh. afterwards, ryan left & we went back to paperback & met up with AJ, then walked to CVS to get drinks, then AJ lifted mel up for some reason, haha. he wanted to go swimming & get stoned so he left with some friend.

CVS & stuff.Collapse )

while mel was texting someone else, john sharp showed up so we said hi to him, then we went to blockbuster & rented superstar & life as a house. on the way home, we ended up 2 cars behind john chef & dan so we followed them to dan's (now we know where he lives, heh) & they were stoned & trying to unpack groceries. haha it was cute.

we dropped mel off & came back here & started watching superstar, & then my mom brought in homemade alfredo for us. it was amazinggggg. then we watched life as a house & it was sad & good & hayden is SO hot. fu-fay has the same last name as him. interesting, eh? haha. anyways, we watched TV for like hours after that & he left at 4 while i was passing out.

today! i thought i had to work, but i don't. sooo if i get in touch with mike then i'll go to the consignment shop with him in saybrook, if not, then i'll hang out & go to the movies with jay later? maybe both?

my mom, sister, & her boyfriend are on their way to NH with the car so amanda can check out chester college.

by the way, tom's working on the kitchen & there are people working on the windows so it's loud & raaaah. <3

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[10 Jul 2005|05:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

fireworks were nice, saw otis & chris hayward.

on tuesday, the 5th, mel, lindsey, keith & i went up to middletown for fireworks, but didn't end up watching them. they did something else while driving around, haha. afterwards, we went to the paperback for a bit & then ended up at jon's house with mel & keith. they weren't having fun & mel had to be home, so i dropped her off & then keith changed his mind & decided to go back with me. we drank our liter of coke mixed with rum, & played flip cup in the dark, it was quite awesome. left at 4:30ish - still a little drunk. yeah i know, bad idea. but i couldn't sleep in the house where jon & his ex-girlfriend were having sex..

i worked wednesday, was so hungover & sick, it sucked. i think dobrinski was too.

hung out with mark thursday, we went & saw war of the worlds which was cool/funny/cheesy. then we picked up mel & went to paperback which was boring but okay. aftewards, we ended up at burger king where i got a piece of cheesecake, then we went to a beach & watched napoleon dynamite from mark's portable DVD player, while waiting for dan to call us. we finally called them & they were so stoned that they had forgotten. we met up with them at a gas station, & went to some wildlife reservation or something but that didn't work out, so we ended up at a pond, which i thought was pretty. then we went dropped mel off, & mark & i watched garden state<3. he stayed until like 5am, haha awesome.

friday, i went to ashley northrop's party with mel. we got there at 10, & the cops showed up so we bolted for the car & left, came back like half an hour later, & were told it was all good. we still didn't drink though. i only knew kelly, michelle, angela jones, brian varney, and of course, ashley. i felt weird getting drunk around kids i'd never met, haha. but eventually mel & i called our parents, lied about where we were sleeping, drank some rum & coke, & a little natural ice (GROSS). um, i may have kissed a few kids. one may have a girlfriend of 4 years. i wasn't aware of that at the time.

cops came around 2 i think, we hid in the woods for like an hour, were told it was safe to come back, when we did, there was the vice principal of saybrook high sitting there. she asked if i was 18, i stupidly said no, & she said that mel & i would have to get rides home. the cop made us call our parents & tell them we'd been drinking & tell them they could pick us up, or we could sleep there. my mom got mel & i after mel called her parents.

my punishment:

no sleepovers until after july 27th

weekdays: 11pm
weekends: midnight

no passengers in my car until ?

so that sucks.

saturday was kenny's graduation party. adam & i went to saybrook for beer pong balls, they weren't at walmart, but we got 'em. then we got a gallon of orange juice in tylerville. haha we rule. got there around 7? ate food, chilled with rachel, her friend bethany, jess, siobhann, & kenny. had some smirnoffs, then called my mom to beg her to let me sleep over. she didn't believe that adam wanted to sleep over, so i had her talk to him, haha & then she said yes. awesome. beer pong began, & bill & karen showed up. then fu-fay & dave. then the rest - jon & stacy (her tan isn't from the sun & her tanktops are far too small, haha), sean & jenni, & eventually felicia & antwoine.

i didn't get drunk until late - after 2 smirnoffs, 3 screwdrivers, a margarita, & beer from flip cup & pong. haha jeeez. fun fun night though. finally went to bed around 4. i had to tell fu-fay to back off because he wanted to do stuff that i'd never do with him hahaha, so i told him i needed sleep. poor adam had to run to the bathroom because he got sick. :( siobhann woke up in kenny's pants & without her underwear. haha i love her dearly.

we left at 10ish, i went straight back to bed, & adam went straight to work (at his aunt's). i slept until 4:30, he came home at 3, & slept until like 6, haha amazing. he has pictures. :P

butttt.. here are pictures from ashley's party (taken by the amazing kelly or _glycerine):

it was worth it.Collapse )

i guess i'm gonna go to the paperback alone tonight, can't drive anyone.. dan will be there.

tomorrow is my P.P. appointment, tuesday & wednesday i work..

no plans, really. call me? 767-3931. <3 i'm hoping to get a cell phone really soon.

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[03 Jul 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | good ]

forgot the application for eddie, haha. work was good though. afterwards, adam, mel & i went to lindsey's graduation party - watched her family do drunken karaoke. had yummy food. then went back to mel's after getting vanilla coke for my rum. when we got back, we couldn't find my rum, so we used a different kind. then found it, haha. henry got dropped off by one of the alex's. all 3 alex's were tripping, i think.

haha anyways, henry was smashed & we made him walk home, then felt bad, i drove adam's car because he was drunk again, & we went looking for henry, but he was no where to be found.

we came back & siobhann, mel, adam, keith, & i watched spanglish but we all fell asleep, haha. we got up at 7 because mel had to work, & we dropped her off & came back here. then went back to bed until like 12:30 & i brought siobhann home.

then i went to my cousin aly's 16th birthday party, saw family<3, ate food. then i had my mom drop me off at my dad's where i ate more food & met some couple who were friends of joey's i guess.

now i'm home & going to fireworks with mel & my mom. woooo.

there's a party at jon's later after the warehouse, but i don't know if i'm allowed at either, haha :P

Six Current Favorite Songs (in no order):

1. sublime - bong song
2. lifehouse - you and me (hah)
3. the format - your new name
4. mae - the ocean
5. keller williams - gate crashers suck
6. sublime & no doubt - saw red

TAAAAAG: peter federman, amanda southworth, alli radzicki, katie nealon, & christina lyman.


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[02 Jul 2005|02:17am]
thursday didn't end up that exciting. i hung out with amanda for most of the day, & she played the sims. then keith came over, & i was still waiting for tina to call me but she never did. :( tasha wanted to hang out but i didn't feel like driving to clinton. keith & i went & rented ocean's twelve & watched that. i brought him home around 2:30am. i did get to see my cousin kim & her daughter. :)

friday, i woke up late, hung outtt, picked up justine around 6, brought her here, then mel called & wanted to go to the bank & walmart, so we had adam drive. then we went to mel's & hung out. tried to start a fire but kind of failed miserably. kids started showing up around 9 - but mel didn't want more than like 10 kids there before her parents got home. eventually, she let kids come because her parents were nowhere to be found. she didn't let a lot of kids stay though because well, they're sucky valley kids, haha.

i didn't get too drunk - was in the mood to get drunk, but not in the mood to drink? oh well. i now own a $25 bottle of captain morgan. good deal. justine puked everywhere. i stayed with her for a long time. jeff davis & tommy craig were there. i'm sure no one remembers my obsessions with both of them. haha well yeah, so it was good/weird seeing them. they've both been in jail. AWESOME. i pick the winners.

i drove adam home in his car because he was more drunk. i've never driven it before & mel has a crappy driveway, so that sucked. oh welll, i'm home, safe, & in air conditioning<3.

tomorrow - work with melanie, GET APPLICATION FOR EDDIE!, go with adam & mel to lindsey's graduation party, maybe sleepover?

sunday - cousin aly's birthday/4th of july party in branford at 2, dad's party afterwards? fireworks in saybrook or the warehouse


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it's rock paper scissors as to whether i will get over you at all. [30 Jun 2005|04:18am]
[ mood | complacent ]

so i'm trying to keep up with this thing..

i've been working on my website, i'd show you, but i want it to be a surprise.

saw my grandparents monday. looovely. :) when they got here, my friend bill called. he's looking for a place to live. anyone in the area wanna take him in? haha

i took mel to the paperback that night, read some of her poetry, then we hung out with john chef & dan. it was really foggy out that night & creeped me out. i felt a little bit like the third wheel. john chef pretending to make out with me to see what mel & dan would say. then he attempted again & said 'should i cover my mouth with my hand this time'? & i said yes, & i think he was offended. but seriously. lol he's already given me a head's up that when i turn 18, he's asking me out on a date. (he's 28.)

tuesday, i stayed in bed until 2:30. i don't know why. i think because it was sort of dark outside. anyways, mark drove alllll the way from danbury to see me. we rented ocean's eleven & stayed up watching tv until 2:30am when he decided he wanted cheese fries. so i suggested denny's. yep. i had cheesecake & a milkshake. yummm. loveyoumarker<3.

wednesday, i woke up late, went to work with plans of hanging out with jon afterwards, got home, "bill's over so i'll have to talk to you later", worked on my website instead, went to the warehouse, who shows up? jon. haha nice. {youlooksogoodithurtssometimes.} i'm getting better at beer pong. yay. kenny's leaving for chicago friday, i shalll miss him. but it's only for 5 days. "are you guys boyfriend & girlfriend?" "no, i'm gay. really." "yeah, he's really gay."

today! uh, sleep eventually, right? CASH MY PAYCHECK, THANK YOU LORD. go to planned parenthood. {if you don't know why & would like to, feel free to ask. haha it's not a big deal to me anymore.} movies with jess + kenny? go to the parth<3 with christina, keith from killingworth, etc? possible/probably not - bowling/mini-golf with jason & his friends. hang out with mel?

friday - pick up justine, hang outtttt, go to mel's party.

saturday - work at 2 WITH mel! how sweet. LINDSEY'S GRADUATION PARTY AFTERWARDSSSSS!
reminder: get an application for eddie.

sunday - warehouse, if i think it won't be too awkward without kenny. i'll talk to jon about it, i guess.

p.s. i know you might roll your eyes at this; but i'm so glad that you exist. -the weakerthans.

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[27 Jun 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | cold ]

so batman was alright. a little cheesy, & we all fooled around anyway. mel likes throwing popcorn at people because she's BAD, haha. i didn't sit next to evan for the first hour of the movie & that pissed him off, lol. when i finally did, he said "you're in spanish what we call a bitch." haha oh welll.

friday, i worked with sean, blaah. i moped around at home so my mom finally let me out (although i was grounded). i went to klekolo's & met up with siobhann & lindsey, then we went to paperback & i went home at like 11:30.

saturday, keith & i went to harvey's beach & layed out for awhile then got in the freeeezing water. afterwards, we went to my house & watched closer. i dropped him off & picked up mel & we went to paperback & then she left me to go trip on shrooms with her friend brett, haha.

sunday, mel & i went to paperback to bother dan because he was stuck working. we got kicked out eventually because we were loitering, haha. we were trying to make dan go to a movie with us but he had to go have pancakes with his friend emily. i ended up talking to evan about the night at matthies'. he still likes me & wants to take me to another movie, i guess. he's leaving for L.A. in like 43 days or something. whatever, haha.

i called up jon jansmaaaa & invited myself & melanie to the warehouse where his band was having practice. haha then eryn wanted to come, & we didn't want to go without kenny so we followed him up there. haha it was alright, but SOO hot. jon's band is silly. (maybe because fu-fay's in it, lol.) they're like RRRRROOOOOAAAAARRR. you know that kind of band. the one that doesn't even sound like they're singing, haha. but oh well. i got to see jon in an unbuttoned shirt, so it was well worth it, haha.

we ended up leaving around midnight because mel's mom called. we went to wendy's & pissed off the drive-thru lady. then i dropped of eryn & then mel. kenny & i went back to my house, looked at my yearbook, & went to sleep. he left around 1:30 today.

nowwww, i have no plans really. my grandma<3 is coming over so that's cool. i've missed her.

i can't keep my mind off of you.Collapse )

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[23 Jun 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

damn, i'm good at updating, eh? i don't expect anyone to read it, but i love you if you do.

exams went okay. i got a 93 on my painting exam, 88 on my US history, 75 on my chem, & 77 on my english {oops on the last two! haha}. too bad, i'm a senior nowwww! :)

northampton rocked. it was jess, lindsey, alicia & i. we met up christina<3 & went shopping & to the hangar. i bought a brown zip-up that i looove, a rainbow belt, $30 worth of hangar (with tip), some pins/buttons/whatever for my stepbrother, a big milkshake at herrell's & yeaaah i've been broke ever since, haha. after jess dropped me off, my friend ryan picked me up (around midnight) & we went to a boat launch in old lyme. it was nice, until we were getting bit my bugs. then we came back here & i fell asleep haha oops.

saturday, i worked & alicia + friends picked me up, & we stopped at my house to get my camera, & then off the show we went! we took back roads for some reason.. haha. i enjoyed the show. TGE was good although colin was losing his voice. also, all the kids from kenny's last party were there. including this gorgeous kid julius who i'll be mentioning again later.

john greco was at the show, & i invited him to the party that kenny was having because he had nowhere else to go. so alicia dropped her friends off & then we left for kenny's. all the kids from www.inthegroup.net were there. including jon, the kid i still sort of like. siobhann came & we signed up for beer pong but never got to play. a kid named matt aka fu-fay got me drunk off of jack daniels & brought me into a bedroom, haha that was bad but jess saved me. then i puked up the jack daniels & jon's whiskey that i drank out of spite, haha. then i went to bed.

sunday was father's day, i didn't talk to my dad. instead, i went to ikea with mel & her family. originally we were going to go to this modeling thing but we were too late & there was traffic. her father was a PRICK about it though, he's so stubborn. anyways, at ikea, we ran into JULIUS! haha yeah he's just hot. when we were leaving, we saw him give his number to some girls he knew, boooo :(. hahaha. when we got home, mel & i went to paperback, wooo. that's a new one.

monday, i painted & then went to paperback with mel. i got grounded for staying out until 11:30, but only for tomorrow. weird, whatever.

tuesday, i took my english exam & then we were going to go to the beach but i don't know what happened with that.. went to paperback instead, & then to a party in the woods which was about a 20 minute hike. TERRIBLE. my legs are killing me. & it was all valley kids i wanted to punch in the face. so we (mel, siobhann, sam sweet, & i) left as soon as we could. mel ended up going back with this guy george who works at cumbies, she was drunk. siobhann didn't have enough gas to drive to old lyme where sam & i were planning on going. so she left.

thennnn we couldn't get in touch with evan for awhile, but we did & finally went to his friend matthies house. uhhhh there was a gross fruit punch + rum mixture, beer pong which i sucked at, screwdrivers, & i don't know what else. the boys (evan & matthies) took sam & i on a moonlit boat ride on the pond by his house. it was very sweet, but his dog was swimming trying to catch up with us & capsize our canoe. we were drunk too, haha.

we got back in the house & had those screwdrivers & tried to dry off. we sat on the kitchen floor & talked, i kinda fell asleep on evan's lap. then sam & matthies ended up his bedroom, & evan & i were on the living room couch. whatever. bad time. we left at 5:30, kinda pissed off, haha.

WEDNESDAY! i worked with audrey who i haven't seen in like a hundred years. then went to valley's graduation which was just a bawl fest, haha. not for me though. i was kinda emo that whole day though. afterwards, mel, sam & i met at my house, found out about my friend mike's party & then went to saybrook for pizza hut but they were closed. ended up at PAPERBACK for a little while, then left for stop & shop then dunkin donuts where i saw nate drunk off his ass. he's a dick.

afterwards, sam wanted to see her LOVVVERRR in blockbuster so she went in, i called mike & found out they were "closing the party down" or whatever. sam was getting tired so she dropped me at my house, & then mel at her's. then i realized how badly my legs hurt from the hike, & i went to bed soon after.

TGE and kenny's partyCollapse )

today - seeing batman begins with evan although i don't really want to. mel & dan are coming. <3

tomorrow - work, then i'm grounded. flamingos are playing at the space.

saturday - badfish? i don't know.

no other plans otherwise.. call me? 1-860-767-3931, maybe i'll get a cell phone one day, haha.

p.s. my real grandfather that i've never met had a bad heart attack, & my dad mentioned to my sister that he may move to tennessee.

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[16 Jun 2005|12:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]

tagged by peter:

list 5 things you do when alone that relax you completely. then tag 5 people and
have them post their five things in their journal.

1. sleep
2. daydream
3. watch tv
4. listen to music
5. read

taaaaggage: amanda (deviantways), abby (danceonurashes), jess (herbaliztic), gina (ginah_dee), & jen (rhythm__dies)

yay for me never going to school. today is the last day of classes, i should probably be there. john sharp is leaving for iceland in 3 hours. i don't know if i'll miss him. sunday is father's day & i'm almost too angry to care. i bought my dad a card before i found out he cheated on his girlfriend. keep it in your pants, jesus.

something keeps making me think of jon. (it probably doesn't help that i have his website in my profile, huh?) blah. kenny may be having a party that jon may be attending. i'm going to these green eyes earlier that night though, hmmm. we'll see.

tomorrow (after my US history & chemistry exams), i'm going to northampton with jess + others! shitdamn, i love that town. :)

saturday - work, TGE, kenny's party?

monday - painting exam

tuesday - english exam andddd


p.s. i didn't get into that GLSEN thing. :(
p.p.s. amanda is now hosting me, when i have time, i'll get it started. http://www.aching-rhythm.org/kissmeelectric.

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